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Mi365 Daily Intentions

Feb 10, 2021

As we celebrate our 5th year in Podcast, please join us In this special episode called “Life Lessons from Celebrities”. 

Take a few life lessons from this selection of celebrity guests. I have selected snippets in which they share their inspiration. But please also take the time to go and listen to their original full podcasts too. Remember a great life doesn’t happen by chance it happens by design.

Alison Hammond

Alison was a contestant on Big Brother a number of years ago, but despite being voted out quite early on she went on and forged herself a long-standing TV career. In this snippet, she talks about how her main source of inspiration, is simply being able to make others happy. She believes by just bringing light and happiness into people’s lives can make a massive difference.

Ben Shepperd

Ben has hosted many shows in his career, from GMTV to Tipping Point to name a few. Ben talks about how things can change in the blink of an eye and how other people’s decisions can make a life-changing difference. Ben believes in taking calculated risks and the importance of allowing yourself to always be ready for what life brings your way, it’s the ritualistic practice that pays off.

Dr. Hillary Jones

Household name Dr. Hillary Jones takes a refreshing approach and talks about the power of being happy. He talks about the positive effect it can have on your immune system. Dr. Hillary even goes as far as to say that optimistic people live longer than pessimistic ones. Positive thinking is a way of re-affirming your achievements and almost charging yourself from them. Always concentrate on the positive, and how Humans are designed to live in a society that relies on and looks out for each other.

Katie Bulmer-Cooke

Katie was a contestant on The Apprentice, she talks about the experience she gained just from being on the show, even though she never actually won. Katie says it's important to remember you have as much chance as anyone else in life and how we need to believe in ourselves. In reflection, Katie talks about how she has learned in so many other ways from her journey, she was able to discover what she is really good at along the way.

John Scott

John was a fashion expert on This Morning for years, he talks about the importance of being social and interacting with others. Also, how if we are feeling down, we need to find something to make us laugh and smile. John believes laughter to be the best medicine and complimenting one another to show you truly care. 

Andrea McLean

Andrea talks about her belief in needing to take all the opportunities life has to offer. “Go out there and get all the experience you can” she urges. Andrea gives everything she has to everything she does and by striving to do this she believes her legacy will be, ‘She gave it her best shot’.


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