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Mi365 Daily Intentions

Nov 25, 2020

Andrew Bloch is the Founder of Andrew Bloch & Associates. He is also a non-executive director at Frank, the PR agency he founded in 2000. With Frank PR he became known for some of the most imaginative campaigns, including the HP Sauce campaign which changes Jimmy White’s name to Jimmy Brown and caused mayhem with the...

Nov 18, 2020

Can average people from average circumstances achieve Elite-level Performance?

Today to complete my series on mental resilience I am talking to Corey Sigvaldason of the HOP Performance Institute who set out to find the answer to that very question which led him to explore why everybody doesn’t achieve those levels...

Nov 11, 2020

Andrea McLean, No. 1 Sunday Times bestselling author and award-winning TV broadcaster, opens up about her journey from trauma, toxic relationships, and divorce towards empowerment, happiness, and healing. 

In this episode, Andrea shares how after walking away from an abusive relationship, she continued putting on a...

Nov 8, 2020

A special podcast episode to commemorate Remembrance Sunday, the 11th of November at the 11th hour on the 11th day to remember. 

If you think about all of the people that have gone before you. About people who forged the way for you in their own way:

What would they want? 

What would they say?

As we take two minutes to...

Nov 4, 2020

Current wisdom says that a Black Hole is the most powerful force in the universe. Anything that gets too close to a black hole is drawn into it and transformed.

This desire to transform is within all of us but it will only come to pass if we have the focus of a black hole – to do one thing and to do it to the...