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Mi365 Daily Intentions

Nov 28, 2017

When we think of posture, we often think of characters like Wonder Woman - superheroes with almost built-in confidence and purpose. Research has shown that changing our minds changes how we feel and often, this can manifest through our posture

Humans are designed to move. We are all dynamic cellular structures that...

Nov 21, 2017

"You are not good enough" is a common thought for most of us.

We all want to fit into society, yet it is this desire to fit in which causes us to constantly compare ourselves to others. As a result, we become more self-conscious and stick to our comfort zones - a dangerous place for those trying to live the...

Nov 14, 2017

Many of us have grown up listening to stories of good triumphing over evil. However, in reality, there is a constant battle of good vs. evil raging inside us all - and everyone has the ability to either reward or inflicting pain upon themselves.

In this episode, Pete describes the far-reaching consequences that 'being...

Nov 7, 2017

How often do you say "I don't have time"?

Whilst it is true that many of us are busier than ever, often we find time to prioritise: 1) A crisis, 2) A must do or 3) Enjoyable activities. Time is one of our greatest assets and when we change our perspective, we can harness time to a much greater degree - becoming a 'Time...