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Mi365 Daily Intentions

Mar 27, 2018

In our special monthly episode, we are joined by our amazing Mi365 member of the month for March 2018: Jim Morgan!
Jim shares with us his story of how he stumbled across Mi365 after suffering from poor mental health and negative self-talk. After making the decision to move away from a fixed mindset, Jim tells us how...

Mar 20, 2018

There are very few things we all know we should do but don't. Yet despite the rising popularity of mindfulness practice, many of us still struggle to find the time and/or a technique that works for us to access this meditative state.
In this episode, Pete describes his personal struggles with practising mindfulness -...

Mar 13, 2018

What do you have inside you? Do you have a genius (or a genie!) within?
For many of us, we simply operate from a place of satisfaction ("I'm not bad") rather than thriving and living our dreams ("I'm doing fantastic!"). However, the reality is that we all have unique gifts and talents that, if unleashed, can...

Mar 6, 2018

"Hell is coming to the end of your life and meeting the person you could have become"
We all have the power to do incredible things. However, our ability to achieve is governed by two forces - forward into growth or stagnation in our comfort zones. By adopting a 'This is Me' mindset, we can learn to fill the...