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Mi365 Daily Intentions

Mar 31, 2021

Clubhouse is a kind of new app that everyone's talking about. We met on Club Land.

If you want to get ahead in business and in life. Check out this inspirational episode with Ricky Martin, the winner of the BBC's The Apprentice in 2012.

He wants his legacy to be “being really good at putting great talent into jobs...

Mar 24, 2021

We have an incredible guest. It is Matt Fiddes. Who is Matt? You're going to find out!

Being bullied at school, gave him the hunger and drive to be successful in martial arts, business and everything.


  • Repetition is the mother of skill
  • Unbreakable determination

Biggest takeaway:

  • It doesn't matter what...

Mar 17, 2021

I got to know my guest through Clubhouse, which I think a lot of people are now starting to hear about. I immediately resonated with this man's spirit, this man's desire this, man's determination, this man's mental approach to just to life.

My guest is one of the fastest human beings on earth. An incredible man with an...

Mar 10, 2021

In this story-making business, sometimes I meet people and I'm so bowled over by their vision and what they're trying to do that I just have to get their story out there.

One of which is my guest, Dr. Hassan Diop also known as Dr. Pooch who positively impacts the lives of children. Helping them to be as healthy as they...

Mar 3, 2021

My guest today is someone who I've wanted to be here in my podcast for so long for so many reasons. It is none other than Dame Kelly Holmes.

Everyone has a battle and it's always the one which one conquers. I'm always curious as to why one conquers more than the other. Join me as we know more about the battle that Dame...