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Mi365 Daily Intentions

Aug 23, 2022

“No company, small or large, can win over the long run without energized employees who believe in the mission and understand how to achieve it.” - Jack Welch

The Feel Good factor is when people are feeling hopeful, happy, and optimistic about their future, and studies have shown that this is a significant component of a company’s success. People perform at their highest peaks when they can identify themselves with the establishment’s future. But how does one achieve this element to boost business, particularly in these most challenging times?


That is where I come in as the people’s coach and help your company take the leap to a better tomorrow. I have years of experience in the matter and knowledge as to what really works in guiding people to excellence. It is my calling to aid them in connecting with who they are now and who they can become in the company, and how they can be part of something and make an impact.

I care about people, and I want them to be the best versions of themselves in every aspect by teaching them how to live with intentions. I have the courage to overcome the challenges of changing people’s mindsets by making them realize they have the power to choose and that there is something superior for them, shifting their paradigms from just doing a job to loving and having a sense of value, pride and appreciation in their work and thus make them perform to their fullest potential.

I not only have the power to assist individuals to connect with their future selves but also with the people around them, unifying and inspiring them to work towards the company’s vision of an outstanding future. The decades that I have been successfully doing this are proof of how consistent and dedicated I am to my passion to close the gap between my present and future selves.

Allow me to propel your business to greater heights by making it unstoppable and standing the test of these trying times with a backbone of excellent, determined, inspired, and happy people.


⚡️ People only put in the discretionary effort and do not perform well when they are not able to identify with the company’s future and when they have no empathy for the person the organization wants them to be.

⚡️ Most companies are not aware of how to let people identify with the company’s future, as few companies lead with a vision of where the business is going to be and, more importantly, where people in the business can see a future where they want to go.

⚡️ Money is not the ultimate motivator for people to do their best, it is their wanting to be better and to make a difference, wanting to have meaning, a sense of fulfillment, and, most importantly, being able to identify with where the organization is going.

⚡️ People need personal and professional development. They need coaching who would support them, encourage them to improve their performance and make them aware of the power they have within them to make the right choice and put their best foot forward.

Important stories:

🎯 7:47 An introduction to one of my biggest hurdles in coaching one of the biggest companies in the world.

🎯 17:58 The story continues, helping people overcome their challenges and frustrations at work by changing their mindsets.

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