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Mi365 Daily Intentions

Jul 5, 2022

“Life has no meaning a priori. Before you come alive, life is nothing; it is up to you to give it a meaning and value is nothing else but the meaning that you choose.” - Jean-Paul Sartre

First, I would like to thank everybody for always tuning in to our channel. Today is the day for you to send in your entries for a chance to have  6 months of 1-on-1 coaching with me or have access to my Confidence Masterclass all for free

This is in line with celebrating our 6th year of podcasting and thanking you for always listening. I have been releasing episodes once or twice a week since 2016, so we now have more than 420 releases, and we are in the top 1.5% of podcasts worldwide.

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Since today is an amazing day, I have invited a very distinguished guest, very famous in the financial education industry, who has written countless books and has numerous businesses. He is none other than Rob Moore.

Now listen as I interview Rob Moore and learn about some very important thoughts and remember to subscribe and follow our podcast, Future Self with Pete Cohen, take a screenshot and send that picture to us.


⚡️ Our need to survive leads us to search for the meaning and purpose of life. However, happiness is not its meaning as people have presumed.

⚡️ We can choose our perception of reality as it is based on our filters and experiences, but everything has both negatives and positives, and it is important to choose one that serves us.

⚡️ Anyone can make a difference. Nothing changes if no one speaks up.

⚡️There is a future self and there is something beyond current circumstances.

Important stories:

🎯 12:22 Rob Moore’s meaning of life

🎯 19:50 Rob Moore’s explanation of expectations and happiness.

🎯 25:58 Reasons why Robert Moore is keen on freedom of speech

🎯 34:52 What Rob Moore admires about Elon Musk

🎯 49:38 Rob Moore practicing what he preaches.

🎯 52:45 My view of my future self

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