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Mi365 Daily Intentions

May 16, 2023

“A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat on a young boy’s shoulders to let him know the world hadn’t ended.” - Christopher Nolan

Are you hoping for a miracle? Are you looking for someone to save you from your misfortunes?

A hero is what everyone seeks in today’s pandemic-stricken world, but have you ever thought of becoming one yourself? Yes, you can be a savior even without having superpowers. This is what today’s special guest hopes to enlighten you about and inspire you to be.

Tune in as I interview TV presenter and author Ben Shephard  to give you a better understanding of his book “Humble Heroes: Uplifting and Inspirational Stories from Real-life Heroes”. Learn the goodness in humanity. Be inspired by the true stories of everyday people rising to the challenge and becoming heroes to those in need.

It is time for you to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life. Be a shining beacon of hope in this chaotic world.

Make someone smile today. Be a hero.


⚡️ Hope has three elements and is such a meaningful part of who we are.

⚡️ People want to get informed on what is going on, but they also need good stories.

⚡️ People feel insignificant when they are not heard.

⚡️ Fulfillment comes from doing things for others.

⚡️ Mistakes lead to success.

Important stories:

🎯 5:15 Origin of the book Humble Heroes: Uplifting and Inspirational Stories from Real-life Heroes.

🎯 15:58 Errol McKellar, the cancer screening hero.

🎯 21:21 Kwajo, the social housing hero.

🎯 25:50 Shelly Hart, the volunteerism hero.

🎯 29:55 What the book should result in.

🎯 32:27 Ben Shephard’s legacy.

🎯 34:40 Harry Moseley, the boy who created a charity to help others.

🎯 41:40 The essence of Humble Heroes: Uplifting and Inspirational Stories from Real-life Heroes.

🎯 44:34 Ben Shephard’s learning and advice as speaker/presenter.

Send us a message and tell us what is your biggest takeaway about this episode. 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼


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