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Mi365 Daily Intentions

Jul 12, 2022

“Your future depends on what you do today.” - Mahatma Ghandi

Future Self is the person who you will be years from now. It is the person you intend to be. Do you know who your future self is, or better yet, have you decided who you are going to be in the future without thinking of any limitations? Is he or she a healthier, wealthier, happier, better person than you are today, or would he be the same as the person you are today, only physically older?

Why is it important to know the person you are becoming and, more significantly, is it possible for you to have a relationship with your future self? If so, what good would it do?

Tune in and let me inspire and show you how to be the person you have been eyeing to be, and realize the endless possibilities that you can have for yourself. Have a relationship with your future self and be the best person you can be, be the change the world wants you to be.


⚡️ We are driven by pain and our view of the future and what we do today impacts tomorrow.

⚡️ When people identify with the person they want to become, they become that person.

⚡️ We must believe that our future self already exists and have a relationship with him and be guided by him.

⚡️ Failing to be the person you want to be results in depression, anxiety, and frustration.

⚡️ Reasons why most people are living a future they do not want:

  • pursuing the ideals of somebody else and not who they want to become
  • choosing exactly who they are today because that is who they think they are
  • failing to prospect, losing the ability to be a free thinker, and not realizing the choices they have
  • do not have a relationship with and empathy for their future self
  • not getting in the game
  • they do not see the benefit of doing something despite the challenges

Important stories:

🎯 6:40. Meg Jay talks about the empathy gap

🎯 9:01 Hal Hershfield on future self as another person

🎯 10:47. Dr. Benjamin Hardy explains prospection

🎯 11:58 A conversation with my future self

🎯 15:22 Matthew McConaughey on who is my hero, chasing my hero (2013)

🎯 18:00 Daniel Goldstein discusses resisting temptation

🎯 22:20 Daniel Gilbert the ease of remembering vs difficulty of imagining

🎯 26:40 Elon Musk on an inspiring and exciting future

🎯 28:29 Will Smith as an example of someone who knows his future self

🎯 30:40 Jimmy Donaldson aka Mr. Beast as another example of someone who has a connection with his future self

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