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Mi365 Daily Intentions

Feb 6, 2024

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.” - Napoleon Hill

Can someone break out of poverty and undesirable cultural norms to be better as well as make a difference?

This may seem impossible for countless individuals, yet my incredibly altruistic guest today, Dr. Tererai Trent has proven that anyone can achieve anything she puts her heart into.

She is internationally recognized and has been dubbed by Oprah as her “All-time favorite guest”. Despite her meager beginnings and the inequalities she suffered as a Zimbabwean child; she has now become one of the top ten most influential women in the world.

Listen in to know how she refused to be defined by where she was. Share her story and be part of her mission of giving back by providing education to thousands of deprived children in Zimbabwe.

Education opens a world of opportunities. It is a basic human right in many affluent areas. However, it is a privilege for those living in impoverished locations exacerbated by discrimination.

Empower the underprivileged. Help them have a brighter future.

Be inspired.

Live your dream.


~ There is a passing on of not only trauma but also of wisdom and a better future.

~ The challenges we face are springboards for who we want to be.

~ There is greatness in adversity, but it is others who help us see our own as we all have somebody who helped us along the way.

~ There are two kinds of hunger; the great hunger which is what we do for others, and the littler hunger that causes conflict.

~ All things are connected; what we do to the thread that connects us will come back to us.

Important stories:

~ 3:05 The beginning of a future for Dr. Trent.

~ 7:45 Overcoming adversity.

~ 9:37 Giving back to the community.

~ 14:38 Invoked by the great hunger.

~ 17:14 The web of life.

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