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Mi365 Daily Intentions

Jul 20, 2022

“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease.” - Buddha

Health is defined as a state free from illness or injury, but for me, it is the renewal of mental and physical conditions that leads to happiness. It is the most valuable thing, but most people do not demonstrate it in a situation. People often do not want to look at their health because they know it is not where it should be.

Are you one of those who prefer to be ignorant of their health conditions rather than face reality? Would you be able to have better health and life if you did not accept the reality of where your health is?

Take a few minutes to listen and hopefully realize what you are doing to yourself and have the courage to change the situation. Do not succumb to the disease. Change your habits while there is still time so that you can have a happier future.


⚡️ Great health is a practice.

⚡️ We are more prone to inflammatory conditions as we get older, but these conditions are preventable.

⚡️ Seven major areas to address and look at to measure your health and change habits accordingly:

  1. Eating
  2. Moving
  3. Drinking 
  4. Thinking 
  5. Talking 
  6. Sleeping 
  7. Eliminating

Important stories:

🎯 5:30 Finite and infinite games we play by Simon Sinek

🎯 20:55 The number of steps humans must take as mentioned in Kelly McGonigal‘s book - The Joy of Movement

🎯 22:05 Study the effect of stopping exercise.

🎯 28:12 Peak performers and the amount of sleep they have based on Anders Ericson's book, Peak

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