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Mi365 Daily Intentions

Apr 30, 2019

It’s time. Our brand new podcast series is going live: Pete & Patti’s Powerful Particulars! Join Pete and his new co-host, Mi365 favourite Patti Dobrowolski as they debate the big questions live from your speakers! If you want to be inspired and question the world around us, you’ve come to the right place!
We all enjoy success. Whether it’s playing a sport, closing a deal in the boardroom or simply finishing that tough jigsaw puzzle, success is something that we all crave. 
Many of our favourite stars – actors, singers, sports players all commit to practicing their art for thousands of hours, but yet we expect to be successful without investing lots of time or energy into something. Why is that?
In this episode, Pete and Patti explore the fascinating subject of mastery and how we can fight against a society which doesn’t encourage us to ‘master’ anything. Pete describes just how important it is for us to work on continual improvement of things we enjoy and how this daily act of practice creates long-lasting happiness.
The pair contrast mastery against perfectionism, highlighting the key differences between the two and describe why perfectionism isn’t something to strive for. By learning from our bad experiences, we can create change in different areas and help to support and mentor others to create further satisfaction.
Learn from Pete and Patti as they discuss:
1.    How to shift your focus from taking into giving out;
2.    How to find something to learn from anyone;
3.    Why building a heathy obsession and a winner’s mindset are key to mastering your art.
Don’t wait for inspiration – take action now and wait for inspiration to come to you!
What skills have you chosen to master? Has a mentor helped to shape your experience? Share your thoughts with us via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter!
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About Pete Cohen:
Pete Cohen is one of the world’s leading keynote speakers. Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world have been motivated and inspired by Pete’s presentations. He has professionally impacted on the lives of thousands of people worldwide, including business executives, professional athletes and the everyday person.
Pete has coached world-class athletes and sporting greats, such as Sally Gunnell, Ellen MacArthur, Ronnie O’Sullivan, Arsenal Football Club and Tim Henman to achieve peak performance.
Pete focuses on the importance of having a strong belief in yourself. He teaches that you need to be positive and you have to develop self-confidence to achieve your potential and be successful.
He is the author of 17 published books, several of which have been best-sellers across the world, including Shut the Duck Up, Habit Busting, Life DIY and Sort Your Life Out. He has also presented his own show on TV called The Coach and was the resident Life Coach on GMTV for 12 years.