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Mi365 with Pete Cohen

Jun 8, 2020

Can I share a challenging fact with you?

We are all going to die!

We may not like to think about it but no one lives forever. That is what memento mori means – there is an expiration date on all of us and that means there isn’t a moment to lose in the time we have left.

So, while you are alive, the best thing you...

Jun 1, 2020

When we look at the range of human emotions, gratitude has to be in the top few. Feeling grateful, appreciating someone or something, is a great feeling.

The more you feel it, the more you want to feel it.

In todays’ podcast I’ll share with you how gratitude can improve your sleep, your sense of connection with...

May 25, 2020

Do you know what you want in life? And do you appreciate what you already have?

Most of us live in a world where we are always chasing the ‘next thing’ and want it to come to us easily and quickly. But we fail to see what we already have in our lives and appreciate this – we don’t see how the past challenges and...

May 18, 2020

Why is cultivating gratitude one of the most important decisions you ever make in your life?

Gratitude – feeling thankful for other people, for life’s gifts, and for everything we’ve heard, seen and experiences are immensely powerful. Gratitude is a powerful, positive emotion and research shows that it has many...

May 12, 2020

The whole world has changed dramatically over the last few months and has certainly made a lot of people stop, think and re-evaluate.

In this special podcast, I’m proposing, “What could the legacy be for you?” What is it that you can start to do differently in your life?

History has taught us that when there is a...