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Mi365 Daily Intentions

Dec 12, 2023

“What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.” - Abraham Maslow

We are now on the fourth episode in a series of podcasts that revolves around the theme of where you are, not who you are. We are continuing this very important subject because most of us are defined by our circumstances as we live in this status-driven world.

However, we have the choice and capability to overcome our challenging situations. We have the power to be who we are meant to be and do what we love by recognizing and celebrating our own unique identity as well as sharing it with others, even when they have their views and values.

Each of us is different. Only you can explore your onliness from your perspective. Recognizing and celebrating each other’s individuality without losing the essence of who you are is key to living harmoniously.

There is more to life than being where you are. Knowing thyself is a constant journey.

It is time for you to explore, learn, and listen to the unique voice within you.


⚡️ We can complete something about ourselves by daring to explore what is meant for us.

⚡️ Generational difference is experiential difference.

⚡️ We reject anything that is different from us because we feel there is a threat to our own identity.  

⚡️ There is some joy in appreciating something or someone that is completely different to what we have previously known.

⚡️ People want a sense of belonging and feeling loved.

⚡️ Being transcendent allows you to celebrate yourself and others.

Important stories:

🎯 1:58 Dr. Ray Sylvester’s thoughts on the previous episode.

🎯 5:28 The challenge of being more than your circumstance.

🎯 19:08 Knowing your identity and value.

🎯 28:52 Transcending self-actualization.

🎯 35:42 Finding the essence of who you are.

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