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Mi365 Daily Intentions

Jan 24, 2024

“Liberation from oppressive and stressful external circumstances is essential, but that is only possible if we first liberate ourselves from the tyranny of our ingrained biology of belief.” - Gabor Maté

Who are you?

At a higher level, answering this question is a dilemma. It is not as simple as saying your name, because the real you are more than the label and circumstances you are in. Searching for your true self involves detaching yourself from the beliefs and ideas that society has imposed on you.

How do you do this in a world that bombards you with insurmountable challenges and keeps you attached to status and material things?

These are some of the insights we are going to delve into in this eleventh part of the series ‘Where you are is not who you are.Dr. Ray Sylvester and I organically started this game-changing sequence in November 2023.

If you have not listened to the previous segments, we encourage you to do so. We want to help you gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of yourself as well as of others, for with it comes joy, peace, and calmness.

It is time to start a new season in your life. Focus on today and discover the authenticity within you.

You do not have to be defined by external measures or by the conditions you are in. Who you are is a choice. It is a decision you make.

Decide to be your authentic self now.


~ Doing something difficult gives you a profound sense of who you are.

~ The external world you operate in impacts your internal existence.

~ Where you are now is a result of yesterday and tomorrow will be a consequence of today.

~ Attachments help us understand the authenticity with which we are born.

~ Authenticity is connected to circumstances and experiences. It has no competition nor compunction.

Important stories:

~ 4:48 The tension between the outward and inward existence.

~ 9:30 Who you are as opposed to where you are.

~ 14:53 Becoming aware of oneself.

~ 18:10 The authentic self and the attachments made.

~ 22:37 The authenticity within.


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