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Mi365 Daily Intentions

Nov 7, 2023

“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” - Dwayne Johnson

Have you been struggling with life’s challenges? Do you feel like things will not improve?

Do not lose hope. You can live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Tune in and discover how. Dr. Ray Sylvester and I will dive into the power that lies within us. Our ability to be consistent in the way we deliver and want to show up in the world is key.

Consistency in our internal and external states leads to our betterment. Many people who have succeeded externally first achieved it internally. Inward success comes from being consistent with how we see ourselves and taking time for ourselves. 

Think about what would happen if we became more consistent and intentional in certain areas and activities of our lives. Would it not make the greatest changes we have been dreaming of?

The world could be better.

We can all coexist harmoniously.


⚡️ Consistency is being mindful of the situation, self, others, and the interaction between the two.

⚡️ Consistently and intentionally pausing is important for anyone who struggles with being busy.

⚡️ Stillness brings calmness.

⚡️ Visualization is a powerful opportunity to explore the what-ifs.

⚡️ We become more consistent when we are intentional.

Important stories:

🎯 3:42 What consistency is.

🎯 6:30 Certainty from consistency.

🎯 10:09 Being mindfully consistent.

🎯 11:14 Consistency in stillness, authenticity, and co-existence.

🎯 18:30 Persistent reflection, meditation, visualization, and prayer.

🎯 23:54 Consistently responding rather than reacting.

🎯 28:14 Being consistent in the internal and external states.

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