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Mi365 Daily Intentions

Aug 31, 2023

“When you have more than you need, build a longer table not a higher fence.” - Anonymous

Is there something that you really want to do but are afraid to do because of the adversities that come with it?

Sometimes we forbid ourselves from doing what we love most because it disengages us from the familiarities and comforts in our lives.

However, our passion can be the real reason for our existence. It can lead us to our legacy as well as the greatest service that we can provide humanity.

This is exactly what has happened to my special guest, Tom Herbert. Tune in and get to know him more.

Discover how he gave up becoming CEO of a long-existing family business for his greatest dream of establishing The Long Table. Since its establishment, it has connected thousands of people and provided food, resiliency, training, and employment opportunities.

Be inspired and learn how he overcame the challenges to fulfill his desire to provide better food and companionship for everyone.

You, too, can live your legacy.

Be intentional. Be where you want to be.


⚡️ Intentionality is leadership, vision, purpose, and values that goes with living the life we want.

⚡️ The “what ifs” is an invitation to do more and make things happen.

⚡️ Eating is not just about food but more of how we connect with each other.

⚡️ Stopping allows us to develop conversations with ourselves and with a higher source.

⚡️ Relationships done well last forever.

⚡️ We need to remember the things that make us intrinsically human and alive.

🔥 Faith is a massive component in building something. It:

  • Gives us peace.
  • Let us know we are not alone and that we are here for a reason.
  • Provides us with the courage to show up and face adversities.
  • Helps us make sense of the world and all the life in it.
  • Ends the day and starts a fresh one.
  •  Allows us to serve humanity with enthusiasm.

Important stories:

🎯 1:01 Who Tom Herbert is and how we met.

🎯 5:42 Tom Herbert’s perspective on being intentional.

🎯 10:36 What The Long Table is about.

🎯 20:27 Where the idea of The Long Table came from.

🎯 25:56 Tom Herbert’s faith.

🎯 31:16 Stepping out of the family business and having faith.

🎯 38:22 The beginning and the future of The Long Table

🎯 50:22 Reinventing organization.

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