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Mi365 Daily Intentions

Jan 27, 2021

Just whose rules are you playing by? In podcast three, we take a closer look. Humans are born very dependent on others. We are so for a few years until we learn to develop on our own, till we develop independence. That independence stems from a want for our ‘need’ of things to be met.

We as humans need to have certain needs met every day, the main six are, the need for certainty, what can we be sure will happen, and when? We need uncertainty too, no one wants to have their life plan handed to them in a script. Connection to others and love is what fills us up, we also thrive on a sense of growth within ourselves as individuals, then we feel we can contribute to others and society. But, in order to make sure these needs are met, people may fulfill them in negative or neutral ways. Unfortunately, most people would give up on their hopes and dreams, just to get their needs met.

Most people stick to the familiar. They play it safe and coast along, but just think if you stepped it up and pushed yourself, even a little every day, you could achieve so much more and go on to thrive and flourish. The greatest joy is a sense of fulfillment, but this is not often found in the superficial places people are looking. People are often much more concerned with other opinions of them, rather than their view on themself.

When you think of your life can you identify the virtues by which you live? Can you identify your vices too? Which unfortunately work against you most of the time.

People say, “Oh yeah I love surprises!”. No, you don’t, you like the ones you want, no one likes the bad ones. Now is time to do a life audit and look at the areas in which you can improve this ‘need’ process.

When we were young, we were filled with a sense of excitement for something we were looking forward to; be it a birthday, school holidays, even a visit to the park, but as we get older it becomes harder to recreate this feeling.

We need to look at the distractions that are pulling us away from being our best, spend some time thinking about ‘onlyness’ by this I mean what is it that you do that only you can do?


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