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Mi365 Daily Intentions

Dec 31, 2019

Welcome to the last Pete Cohen Podcast of 2019, called; “Mind The Gap”


I believe that there is a gap between where we are and where we want to be, both personally and  professionally. We can see this gap in our health and well-being, our finances and our relationships. If you want to make improvements in this area, then this podcast will help.


If you've ever been to London, and you've been on the Underground, you might have heard a voice that comes through the speakers somewhere where you hear a voice saying “Mind the Gap”


The truth is we’re all born with a gap.  The gap between birth and death. The challenge we all face is working out what we do in the gap of our lives. This is all the more difficult because of the nature of our minds as it often plays tricks on us.


In this podcast we explore how we can learn to take control of our lives and transcend our past thinking and negative habits. This is so important as our brains have been programmed to look out for what is wrong and also for us to fit in and not stand out. These are our genetics at work as we are programmed to survive. But now we’re living in a world today where we have to change our ways if we want to be different. Otherwise we are destined for a life where we get to the end only to ask “Is this all there is?”


Are you ready to do what you’ve never done before and be the best you can be? If “yes” then I am committed to helping you close the gap and be unstoppable everyday.



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I help everyday people achieve their goals & dreams!   Helping and coaching people in my expertise. And it is VERY satisfying to change people’s lives so they improve and change their health, finances, relationships, confidence and mindset.  


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About Pete Cohen: Pete Cohen is one of the world’s leading life coaches and keynote speakers. Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world have been motivated and inspired by Pete’s presentations. He has professionally impacted on the lives of thousands of people worldwide, including business executives, professional athletes and everyday people.  Pete focuses on the importance of closing the gap in our lives between where we are and where we want to be, both personally and professionally. 

It’s then all about coaching you to remove the obstacles that are in your way and helping you install the habits of success.  

Pete is the author of 19 published books, several of which have been best-sellers across the world, including Shut the Duck Up, Habit Busting, Life DIY and Sort Your Life Out. He has also presented his own show on TV called The Coach and was the resident Life Coach on GMTV for 12 years. His new book Inspirators - Leading The Way In Leadership is available for free here -